Centaur Bard

ai poems ~ human visuals

sudowrite & gpt-3 ~ james yu

We are centaurs
 machine and human
    poetry & art.

Each piece contains a poem
 created entirely by GPT-3 via Sudowrite.
  with complete freedom to choose a
    subject matter / title / body. (?)

Humans acted as a sieve
 selecting the best
  and most moving
   but never editing.
The artist reflected on each poem
 and integrated into visual form
  you perceive.
Each piece is unique
 & offered as an 🌈NFT🌈
  proceeds donated
   to Room to Read.


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✨✨✨ MORE TO COME ✨✨✨


This project started with a simple question: could an AI write compelling poems without a human seeding it with the first lines or even a title. Could these poems move us in profound ways? And even fool us into thinking they were written by a human?

The answer is yes.

GPT-3 was prompted in three stages:

  1. TITLE & TOPIC: hallucinate titles and first lines
  2. BODY: Write the body of the poem, using examples of contemporary free verse poetry as inspiration
  3. REAPER: Write a satisfying end to the poem

The artist then took each of these poems and integrated it into a unique rendering. Who planted the seed for each piece? Was it the machine, who wrote the poem? Or was it the programmer, who interfaced with the neural net? Or was it the inspirational poems used in the prompt?

The answer is yes. All of us.