My work explores the intersection of society and technology, and our struggle to control and define ourselves.


In the Space of Twelve Minutes — Interplanetary relationships with avatars in a world where China wins the next generation space race. — Forthcoming in Uncanny Magazine 2019/2020

The Mummer — A man who controls autonomous machines for a living encounters an abused robot. — Working Futures: 14 Speculative Stories About the Future of Work — October 2019

Steady State — What happens when the engagement algorithms win. — July 2019

Lifetime Value — Logistical murder in the workplace. “They used blanks at school, not like the real corporate world where supply rooms were stocked to the gills with live rounds. “ — July 2019

The Start of Fish — Your fish sauce is now sentient. “Consider the alternative: a mind could arise from fluctuations in the vacuum of space for a split second with your complete memory—everything that is you.” — June 2019

The Scrolls of Tian Tan — Ancient Chinese monks, Turing machines, and an infinite looping universe. “He wrote a symbol upon that scroll and tugged, setting Tian and Earth in motion.” — ➰➰➰ — January 2019

River Rising — A social media platform embedded in the criminal justice system, where the crowd determines who lives and dies. “The River was making a crackling sound like burning flesh.” — Terraform / VICE Media — January 2019

Hot Spot — Synesthesia and the simulation theory. “One of my first memories was pure ribbons of colors dancing across the playground.” — July 2018

Return to the Mean — Robots create Confucianist cults on a post-human world. “The sentient had clearly become deranged, most likely through some physical malfunction.” — Honorable mention in the Writers of the Future — December 2017


Continuous Publishing — Writing and thinking out loud online.

Hyperliterature — In an age where everyone has a supercomputer in their pocket, literature can take on any shape imaginable.